Braving the Wilderness – Part 2

Braving the Wilderness – Part 2

Rather than pitching wild and innovative new ideas that could potentially change everything, we’re staying quiet and small in our bunkers and loud in our echo chambers.

It is sad that our world has become so polarized that we can’t even openly express our thoughts without fear of criticism or repercussion.  People are so fixated on placing the blame on others that we don’t take the time to reflect on how we may contribute to the problem.

In one of my leadership trainings, I was taught that self-awareness is one of the most critical skills a leader can have.  And it is surprisingly a skill that a lot of people lack.  But shouldn’t we understand our own feelings before we judge others for theirs?  We cannot control what others feel as we cannot control what we feel.  So why are we so quick to blame others when they may feel differently than we do about something?

Perspective is a function of experience.

We all have different perspectives, because we all have different experiences.  And our level of self-awareness can influence our experience.  When we communicate our perspectives, we learn from one another giving us new perspectives.  This is how we evolve as people and a society.

Exiting our bunkers and echo chambers is scary.  We are opening ourselves up to the harsh reality of where we are as a society.  A society focused on blame fixing over truly understanding.  We have to be vulnerable by communicating our experiences, and that is braving the wilderness.

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