Can we take a minute to talk about the new bathroom arrangement at Starbucks? You know, the one where they have the hand washing stations outside the bathroom. Because I hate it.

First, let me paraphrase the rules for hand washing at the field level:

Employees must wash their hands with soap and water, throughly scrubbing between fingers and under nails with a sudsy formulation for at least 20 seconds. Handwashing must take place after breaks, after lunch, after using toilet facilities, before putting on gloves, and any other time hands may become a potential source of contamination.

Then, sanitize hands.

Then put on gloves and sanitize gloves. Then sanitize the gloves any time they may become a potential source of contamination.

Maybe you need a real-world example of how this is supposed to go down…

Gotta adjust your hat? Take off your gloves, adjust your hat, wash your hands, sanitize your hands, put on your gloves, sanitize your gloves. But let’s be real, no one is going to do that.

But that’s how strict hand washing procedures are for the employees who harvest your food.

While I think it’s great that I can actually make sure that Starbucks employees wash their hands before preparing my drink, unless they’re washing their hands with the correct procedures I outlined above, I’m gonna be a little turned off.

Not only that but they use blow dryers. BLOW DRYERS! What’s even worse is those blow dryers are right over the sink, potentially blowing dirty sink water back on to your hands. And if we have to sanitize our hands before putting on gloves to then cut a head of broccoli, why aren’t they required to sanitize their hands in the restaurant?

Are you thinking “but Lacy, they’re not actually touching my food or the liquid of my drink”? Like bacteria doesn’t transfer! Their dirty hands touch your cup, then you touch your cup, then you wipe the coffee mustache off your lip, and BAM!

Welcome to my little food safety world…

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