Learning Leadership.

Learning Leadership.

The more I strive to be in a position of influence within my industry and my community, the more I find myself in disagreements with people.  In the end, we’re all fighting for what we think is right.  Sometimes, you come out on top, and sometimes you are defeated.  And sometimes the only thing you can do is agree to disagree.

Some people are naturally born as leaders, and some people develop the skills later on.  Everyone has the potential, but not everyone has the desire.

How you handle disagreements tells a lot about what kind of leader you are.  In fact, I think that is what can distinguish you as being a leader or not.  Disagreements need to be handled politely, tactfully, with grace, and self-reflection.  Sometimes you have to take the blow so your team doesn’t have to.  You cannot learn from the experience without reflecting on what went wrong, how you handled the situation, how you contributed to it, and how you could have prevented it.

I don’t always handle disagreements the way that I should.  But that’s okay, we’re all human and make mistakes.  It’s recognizing and admitting that I don’t handle disagreements well that differentiates me as a rising leader.


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